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Hayley Hughes hails from the hot deserts of Arizona and the humid forests of Georgia. She's an artist turned graphic designer turned experience designer who resides in foggy San Francisco, California.

Hayley is currently a Design Lead for Airbnb’s Design System. Previously, she lead the creation of IBM’s Design Language. Her work is showcased on IBM’s “26 Innovations by 26 Innovative Women” and she is a certified Design Thinking Leader. Outside of work, Hayley likes to play Scrabble with senior citizens, throw tennis balls with her poodle, and eat Japanese comfort food with her partner.

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The Adobe webinar “How Design Systems Define Business Success,” features Hayley Hughes, Sampo Jalasto, and Talin Wadsworth, leaders from Airbnb, Idean and Adobe who discuss the primary role of a design system, best practices for building stakeholder buy-in and the business impact on design operations.


Hayley Hughes is an Experience Designer at Airbnb, working on the Airbnb Design Language System (DLS), in this talk she explains how its not just product UI design that needs our attention, how design systems can help businesses become more efficient, resourceful environments as well as help designers create a better user experience.


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